Charles Kaye Field

"Campo de los Sueños"

Help us improve and complete our baseball field complex so that we can continue to reach the children and youth of the community with the Gospel through Nicaraguans' favorite sport, baseball. Although the 7-acre property that the complex now sits on has been used since 2012 for sports outreach, construction of our two fields began in 2016 through the generosity of three partner churches and some individuals. We have continued to build it out to expand our sports ministry outreach and partnerships, in three major phases, shown below in reverse order of completion. 


Phase 3:


in need of funding

  • Improve ground condition of field #2

  • Build outfield fence for field #2

  • Build spectator bleachers for both fields

  • Dig water well and install manual pump

  • Install a latrine bathroom for public use

  • Build small kitchen for event use

  • Maintenance work on backstop, dugouts, storage shed,

  • Ongoing maintenance of ride-on lawn mower 

  • Hire full-time maintenance and security personnel dedicated for sports complex

phase 2:



  • Continue to clear the 7-acre field to build two baseball fields

  • Build shared backstop for the two fields

  • Build storage shed to house baseball and other sports equipment

  • Build dugouts for baseball field #1 and #2

  • Build outfield fence for field #1

  • Purchase ride-on lawn mower for field maintenance

phase 1:



  • Purchase and prepare 50 acres of land in Pantanal

  • Clear 7-acres dedicated for the sports field

  • Build a small ranch-style pavilion for shade and rain cover. 

Message us with any questions related to our baseball complex construction

*Disclaimer: All contributions are made with the understanding that GCEC has complete control and discretion over the use of all donated funds for improvement and completion of the baseball complex.


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GCEC is a legally recognized NGO in Nicaragua and board administered by Entrega, our 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the United States.

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