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Besides offering a quality Christian education, the GCEC seeks to build relationships with this vulnerable community through our sports ministry outreach. Every Saturday morning we spend at least 2 hours with a group of young children 5-12 years of age, playing softball and other team sports. After playing for a few hours, we share the gospel by studying the Bible together or sharing our testimonies and offering messages of hope and a better way. For young men 13-16, we have started a baseball team that now plays with the Granada city baseball league. Our ministry focuses on sharing the gospel, discipling players, developing their personal character, and building teamwork in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. This has proven to be one of our most effective outreach tools for spreading the gospel to individuals who may not otherwise be open to hearing the Good News regularly. Over the years, this 7-acre piece of land next to the GCEC school has welcomed many local church groups, community organizations, and missionary partners from the U.S., all of which have made a tremendous impact on the youth of Pantanal and its neighboring barrios.  

Charles Kaye Field Campo De Los Suenos.j


Our beautiful, off the grid school is located in the neighborhood of Pantanal, one of the fastest-growing communities outside of Granada. We currently have a multi-use pavilion, an administration office, and eight classrooms and grade levels: preschool through sixth grade. Thanks to a variety of resources, we have been able to maintain a construction schedule to meet the rapidly growing needs of the school. Our plan is to add one grade level each year and maintain our strong commitment to operate a fully accredited private bilingual Christian preschool through secondary school by 2027. At the end of the 2022 school year, we will celebrate our first sixth grade graduation in addition to our annual kindergarten promotion. 

Enjoy our updated video reflecting our school growth.



To better serve the people of Pantanal and its neighboring communities, we have been constructing a baseball complex to expand our sports ministry outreach and meet the needs of our school's athletics program. Thanks to the support of visiting teams and individuals, we have already built two full-size baseball fields, officially known as the Charles Kaye Field "Campo de los Sueños." There are limited facilities in the Pantanal community to host recreational and competitive leagues such as Little League Baseball and adult softball leagues. We hope to help meet this community void and strengthen our partnerships with local churches, community organizations, and other missionary groups and NGOs to reach the children and youth of this community.

Our school and sports ministry, as well as many local churches, community groups, city leagues,  and other Christian ministries use our baseball complex daily. 

Our Commitment to Sustainability & Stewardship of the Environment

From the GCEC's origin, we made a commitment to keep the school off the grid and to be self-sustaining. Utilities, especially power, are extremely expensive in Nicaragua and can represent a significant burden for an entity such as a growing school. We decided from our inception that we were to direct the resources God provided our ministry to the education and development of our students, families, staff, and community rather than heavy utility bills. 

Over the years, we have also noted a movement away from low impact traditional architecture using natural air flow and lighting in favor of imported building styles which require air conditioning and artificial lighting. With the help of the University of Virginia architecture department's reCover program we developed plans incorporating traditional materials and architectural forms which respect the country's architectural history and efficient use of light and air. With the help of a small solar system to provide running water from our own well and minimal administration needs, the school provides a model for off grid design and an alternative to energy-heavy trends. 


In partnership with many, we believe that we have designed an environment of great beauty, one that honors Nicaragua's own architectural history and capitalizes on its abundance of natural resources. It is our goal to shepherd our students in the Biblical admonition to care for the environment, keep it clean and beautiful, and honor the Creator by tending to his creation. We challenge our students to see the earth as a gift from God, not litter, recycle, conserve water, treat plants and trees with care, and to work the land when possible. 

Genesis 2:15 

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.”

If you, your church team, school or community organization is looking for a worthwhile construction and community development project to support, please consider helping us with the construction of our school and our sports complex. We are also looking for partners who could help us expand our alternative and sustainable energy projects. Contact us for more information. 

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