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The Granada Christian Education Center (GCEC), our bilingual private Christian school is located 15 minutes south of Granada at the base of beautiful Mombacho Volcano. It is at the center of a fast-growing community on the outskirts of the city made up of several vulnerable neighborhoods including Pantanal, Madroño, Posintepe, Praderas de Mombacho, and la Galera. This Christ-centered transformational development project grew out of a desire to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of at-risk children and families through empowerment and education. 


In December 2016 we were granted accreditation by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education (MINED) for preschool and regular elementary education (Educación Inicial y Educación Primaria Regular). Our program of study is designed to meet and surpass all national requirements and to honor the civic duties and cultural norms of the Nicaraguan school community. As a legally recognized non-governmental organization (NGO) in Nicaragua, the GCEC is run by a board of Nicaragua nationals and residents. It is also board administered by Entrega, our 501(c)3, in the United states. 


To promote parent dignity and responsibility, we intentionally committed to a partnership approach with parents by charging a "family commitment" tuition portion of $2 a month per student to help them access a quality private education for their children. We determined the amount for the parent portion through a community affordability and interest survey we conducted before starting our project. 

What started as a mere vision just a few years ago, is now a robust and growing school community that God is using to transform lives. We currently have a multi-use pavilion, an administration building, and six classrooms and grade levels, preschool through fourth grade. Our long-term vision is to add one grade level each year until we are a fully accredited preschool, primary, and secondary school in 2027. With the essential help of partners who share our mission and vision, school construction projects will continue for several years. Our goal is to offer families hope for a better future through education in a safe and loving environment that keeps Christ and the gospel at the center of all its school activities. 

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