Our Nicaraguan staff members are CO-MISSIONARIES with us. We would never be able to reach the mission and vision for the school without them. They are a dedicated staff that not only educates our students, but also provides them with a loving, safe, and secure learning environment where the gospel is shared daily. All of our staff, from school director to security guard, must profess a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and are expected to be active members of their home church. Our teachers and staff include daughters of a local pastor, youth ministers, Sunday school teachers, worship leader, and individuals dedicated to pursuing a deeper relationship with Christ. We are privileged to work with such exceptional individuals, and strive to find ways to invest in them as they invest in and minister to our students.


We are looking for churches, schools, families, and other entities that feel compelled to MOBILIZE local Nicaraguans to serve, minister, and educate their own people and in their own community. We humbly ask that you PARTNER with us by sponsoring our staff salaries. We are currently in most need of FULL SPONSORSHIP FOR 9 ESSENTIAL STAFF POSITIONS. Unless you choose to sponsor a specific position, your donations will be allocated to the positions of school directors, teachers, and security guards first as they are essential staff. Additional financial resources through staff sponsorship will allow us to fill important ancillary positions that are becoming more and more necessary as we grow, such as full-time maintenance, PE teacher, Art/Music teacher, Spiritual Director, additional security guards, full-time cleaning staff, among others. 

Your sponsorship of a local staff position provides the following to the GCEC employee holding it:​​

  • Monthly salary and INSS (social security)-employer portion

  • Paid vacation days 

  • Medical benefits and healthcare for the staff and their immediate family

  • Professional development and job specific training

  • Performance-based bonuses and special outings 

  • School logo work shirts and uniforms

  • A portion of university tuition and expenses, (if applicable).

  • A fair, loving, and Christ-centered work environment


  • 24 Sponsorship Shares @ $200 per month= Full Staff Sponsorship

  • 12 Sponsorship Shares @ $400 per month= Full Staff Sponsorship




You may choose to sponsor the full monthly salary for an essential staff position below by clicking the "Sponsor Here" button:


Currently, Directora Lisseth

GCEC School Director

Need Full Sponsorship

Currently, Paula Maleano Mora

Administrative Coordinator

Need Full Sponsorship


Currently, Valentín Barahona

English Teacher

Need Full Sponsorship


Currently, Profesora Luisa

Preschool Teacher 

Need Full Sponsorship


Currently, Profesora Verónica

Kindergarten Teacher

Need Full Sponsorship 


Currently, Profesora Magdalena

First Grade Teacher

Need Full Sponsorship 


Currently, Profesora Katia

Second Grade Teacher

Need Full Sponsorship


Currently, Profesora Rosa

Fourth Grade Teacher

Need Full Sponsorship

*Your sponsorship supports one or several staff positions (depending on how you have chosen to donate) rather than a specific individual. We have some positions that are already filled by specific staff members, but that may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances or staffing needs. We work hard to train our staff well and to create a positive and supportive ministry and work environment that fosters a long-term employment and ministry  relationship, but as with any organization, unexpected changes may occur. 


Granada, Nicaragua

Central America

GCEC is a legally recognized NGO in Nicaragua and board administered by Entrega, our 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the United States.

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