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The Granada Christian Education Center has quickly become an important fixture in Pantanal and its neighboring communities. In a short time, the school has gained a great reputation for being a place of love and hope, offering an exceptional education to all students. We currently serve 200 students and their families with a gospel-centered education, a safe and beautiful learning environment, loving Christian teachers, and an array of special experiences. As we add one grade per year, our newly built classrooms will allow us to accommodate our growth and reach our goal of celebrating our first sixth grade promotion in 2022 and first high promotion  in 2027. 

​​Thanks to the generosity of many supporters over the years, construction of PHASES 1 & 2 is complete! We continue to need funding for PHASE 3. We will reach our goal in the following phases, shown in reverse order of completion

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        = Immediate Phase 3 Goal 2022-2023       

        = Completed 

campo de fútbol

Immediate PHASE 3 Building Goal &

Critical Funding Need: 2022-2023

  • Raise $25,000 by December 31, 2022 to start building our science/computer labb and library classroom

  • Finish our new classroom by the end of January 2023 

  • Raise $6500 to prepare and outfit the new classroom and buy curriculum for our rising sixth graders for the new school year starting in February 2022

  • Raise $4,000 to hire the new sixth grade teacher

Will You Help Us Reach our Immediate Construction/Infrastructure Goals*

Phase 3:



  • Build school library/computer/science lab room

  • Improve road access for pedestrian and vehicle entrances

  • Build soccer field for elementary students

  • Build teacher conference room

  • Complete and equip kitchen in the multipurpose pavilion

  • Install additional play areas 

  • Improve security fencing

phase 2:



  • Build  PK through sixth grade classrooms

  • Build upper elementary wing bathroom

  • Build shared bathroom for PK-third Grade

  • Build fenced play area for PK

  • Build administration building

  • Install solar power to pavilion and administration building

  • Convert manual well pump to electric pump powered with solar electricity

  • Build security fence on north end of the property

  • Install security gates on pedestrian and vehicle entrances

  • Build connecting hardscape between pavilion,  administration, and classrooms

phase 1:



  • Purchase and prepare 50 acres of land in Pantanal

  • Build a multi-purpose pavilion for community outreach activities

  • Clear the sports field

  • Dig water well

  • Install manual water pump

*Disclaimer: The GCEC reserves the right to put any funds received over and above the fundraising budget for construction of the new classroom, multi-purpose lab foundation, buying, furniture, curriculum books, etc., and hiring new teacher into its general fund and to use it at its discretion for other ministry related projects or expenses. 

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