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Help us provide a high-caliber, bilingual Christian education to children in Granada, Nicaragua.

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So, what is this program?

Good question! GCEC's student tuition sponsorship program allows our school to operate successfully and make it possible for us to offer a high-caliber bilingual private Christian education to children and families that could never afford the actual cost of $38 per month. Our mission is to make this quality education accessible to families by charging a "family commitment" portion of only $2 a month per student, trusting God to meet the sizable gap. Our goal is to raise the $36 difference for each of our students, but to do so we need long-term partnerships with caring people like you!

How will my donation benefit GCEC students and families?​

  • Foremost, it allows choice and provides access to an excellent private bilingual Christian education. 

  • It helps purchase a Bible and fund a gospel-centered education for each student. 

  • It supports a clean and safe environment where students can grow in every regard. 

  • It helps to pay loving teachers trained to shepherd a student's mind, heart, and spirit (GCEC boasts a low student-teacher ratio of 25:1)

  • It supports the physical health of our students with a daily multi-vitamin and quarterly toothbrushes and toothpaste. 

  • It contributes to parent education and support through workshops and conferences and local community events. 

  • A percentage of the sponsorship funds goes to meet the improvement, maintenance and construction needs of our growing school. 

  • Sponsorship also helps to provide the funds needed for our current Nicaraguan payroll. 

How can I help contribute?

In partnership with fellow sponsors, your monthly contribution provides the yearly budget needed to educate 25 students per grade level. To ensure that sponsorship money is used as intended, it does not go directly to our students or families. Instead, it is pooled and faithfully managed by our team of ministry administrators in the U.S. Because each student is beautiful and valuable and should never feel rejected, we have chosen to prayerfully assign students to sponsors instead of allowing sponsors to choose. After you select the number of students you want to sponsor, we will follow up with you to determine your desired level of involvement in our sponsorship program.

¡Bueno! Level

A donation of $36/month pays for the education of one of our wonderful students. Thank you!


¡Muy Bueno! Level

Double the impact! A donation of $72/month pays for the education of two of our students.


¡Excelente! Level

A donation of $108/month educates three  students, a truly special level of generosity.


¡Extraordinario! Level

This is our "Dare we even ask?" level. For $360/month you can bring hope to the lives of 10  children. 

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