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Our MISSION is to transform lives of physical and spiritual poverty by equipping children and youth of this and future generations for “every good work.”


Our VISION is to create a physical environment, and a culture focused on lifelong learning and personal development where those whom we serve know they are deeply loved and cared for and feel empowered to create change in their own lives. We envision a place that honors local language, culture and traditions, one that is beautiful and functional and glorifies God through every human effort and achievement. We long to see an environment that welcomes the community at large, radiates the hope of Christ, and promotes human dignity and creativity.


As a unified body of believers, we believe that God is our creator, redeemer and Lord over all, and that the Bible is his infallible word. Concerning our students, we believe that they belong to God and that it is our Christian duty to help guide them to Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We believe that Christian education is essential in teaching and equipping children to know God in every aspect of life and to enjoy him forever. We have seen great progress in the education of our students, and we hold that educational excellence occurs in a loving Christian community that respects and values every person. 

Click here to read an excellent article on the rationale for Christian education in mission work. 

Guiding our educational and outreach philosophy is our belief that God created human beings in his likeness to be in perfect relationship with him, each other, and all of creation. Sin damaged and ruptured these relationships, but God is at work restoring them through Christ. As we progress from existing for ourselves to living a life of biblical servanthood, we, along with the surrounding community, can experience the fullness of life through the peace, unity and love that God originally intended. We believe that God has given every child in the Pantanal and surrounding communities the intelligence and creativity necessary to achieve academic and personal excellence. We hope to help our students overcome the many barriers they face daily so they can achieve their God-given potential. Because we know we cannot do this alone, we seek to do it in collaboration with families, churches, community organizations, schools, and other essential local and U.S. partners. 

As missionary extensions of the El Puente Mission Base, the GCEC school and sports ministry adhere to the same Christian standards that have driven our ministry since its founding in 2006. 

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