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On the outskirts of Granada, Nicaragua in the shadow of beautiful volcano Mombacho lies the rapidly growing neighborhood of Pantanal, an impoverished and at-risk community under served by all measures. Its public school system is overcrowded, lacks resources, and only offers a compulsory primary education. Truancy and an extraordinarily high dropout rate at an early age plague this young community. As a result, the cycle of poverty continues to repeat itself because of the lack of opportunities for a quality education that can equip students for a brighter future.

Not uncommon to neighborhoods like Pantanal where the financial need is great and opportunities for a productive life are scarce, crime rates are unusually high. Also, many marriages and families fall apart because one parent, typically the father, abandons his or her responsibility and leaves the household. Low wages, joblessness, teenage pregnancy, and physical, sexual and substance abuse interweave into the fabric of daily life. 

While the problems of Pantanal are many, widespread and hard to deny, God is busy redeeming this community through the efforts of several missionary groups and non-profit organizations. We hope God can use us to reach the people in this neighborhood, not because we believe we can transform the community in our own effort, but because we believe that no community is too broken for God to heal. As many continually share and live out God’s word and gospel in Pantanal and other surrounding communities, we expect to witness healing in the form of lower crime rates, more educated children, and stronger families living a life that honors God and contributes positively to society.

  • Average home size = 100-150 sq. ft. 

  • Number of people in single home = 10-12

  • Average per capita annual income = $1,071

  • Daily income = $2-3  for those employed

  • Unemployment rate = over 60%

  • Average years of schooling = 5

  • Percentage of kids advancing to secondary education = 30%

  • Afflicted by deep poverty, limited literacy, crime, drug use, teenage pregnancy, single parenting

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